PKPD-071 Ichika Kasagi's memorable one-night stand

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Ichika Kasagi, a woman who has been single for a long time, turns to an online dating app hoping to have a guy to rely on every day. But life is not as she dreamed, the guy she found turns out to be a prostitute, and then The first date took her to a hotel. Because she was shy and thought this was a modern way of dating, she didn't dare to refuse for fear of offending this boyfriend. The two made love. Very enthusiastic, she was also equally lustful. The way she sucked and licked him also made him feel indescribably high. But unfortunately she wanted to find a partner and the other guy wanted to find a partner, so after that night they both went their separate ways, which was strange.

PKPD-071 Ichika Kasagi's memorable one-night stand
 Movie Code: PKPD-071 
 Actor: Ichika Kasagi